At RejuvInnate Chiropractic, we use nutrition to help the body heal itself. Not every patient will need nutrition so do not think that you will leave with nutrition every time you come. Nutrition is reserved only for those who truly need it. The best nutrition comes from diet but we understand the difficulties in making changes in your diet. While you are transitioning to eating healthier, we have supplemental options to help your body work at its best!

Standard Process

Standard Process dietary supplements are made from quality ingredients that are organic and grown on their own farms. Although not all of their products are gluten free, they are made from the best ingredients that are easily absorbed and used by the body.


Medi-Herb is now a part of Standard Process. They are also made from quality herbs that are organic and easily absorbed by the body as well. The main difference is that Medi-Herb is strictly herbal in their ingredients.

Thorne Research

Thorne Research also provides great supplements. They only use pure ingredients with no additives which make their products easily absorbable. They are also hypo-allergenic meaning there is not corn, wheat, dairy, soy, etc in their products.


Metagenics only provides science-based products through their breakthrough research. Their supplements are of the highest quality and they have programs catered specifically for your needs to regain your health!

Garden of Life

Garden of Life provides you with the best raw supplements that are verfieid non-GMO and USDA certified orangic.