Care in the pediatric community seems unnecessary, right? Wrong! When we take a look at everything a child goes through since birth, you'd agree with us too. The birthing process alone is very stressful on babies, even if it is natural. A natural birth means that the mother had no epidural, ptocin, was able to walk around and deliver the baby in the most comfortable position for her. Having a baby on your back with your legs in the air like they show you on TV is not optimal for the baby. Being in that position closes your pelvis making you and the baby work harder and creating more stress on both mom and baby. Once you add all the epidurals, ptocin, pulling from the doctors and C-sections, this really creates a stressful environment for everyone involved. Usually on these newborns, we will focus on cranials and the uppr part of their neck since those are the most affected areas during birth.

When your infant is older, we will check other areas of the spine that coincide with their major milestones. Every day stresses such as diaper changes and falling cause subluxations in different areas. Adjustments have also been shown to help with breastfeeding! The care that we provide will be specific to your child. We consider everything from their age to daily activities and their environment! Subluxations left untreated may not have immediate symptoms but will affect that child later in life! Dr. Victoria uses Applied Kinesiology to help her find specific areas to adjust in order to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.